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  Mold temperature machine series
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  • The temperature control of the mold temperature machine introduction
    Mold temperature machine seriesMore>> 
    120 ℃ mould temperature control machine
    200 ℃ mould temperature control machine
    Double temperature oil temperature machine
    Cold water machine seriesMore>> 
    5HPWater cooled chiller
    8HPWater cooled chiller
    10HP-25HPWater cooled chiller
    The mixing machine seriesMore>> 
    Water cooled chiller
    Horizontal mixer
    Large vertical mixer
    Crusher seriesMore>> 
    Special grinder 2HP-5HP
    Special grinder 2HP-5HP
    Strong plastic grinder 5HP-100HP
    Huade Xin hot industrial machinery Limited by Share Ltd is specialized is engaged in the industrial temperature control machinery, industrial refrigeration machinery, high-tech enterprise modernization machinery auxiliary equipment in the production of plastic. The company set the development, design, manufacturing, sales, bringing together top technology talent and technical experience in the industry, the combination of Germany, Japan and Taiwan technology improvement, constant innovation to science and technology, production and sales of high-quality industrial machinery products, services in the global industrial enterprises.
    Founded nearly ten years, always implement the advanced technology concepts and rigorous and realistic style of work, lay a solid foundation for ward Xin hot industrial machinery Limited by Share Ltd’s products, the company products widely used in: injection molding, die casting, chemical, electroplating, printing and dyeing, roller, heating reactor, rubber, metal, plastic, electronics, packaging, pharmaceutical and other industries, and by the praise and praise widely, has been highly recognized by customers, business sales and brand awareness is rising fast. Along the way, on the way to success, Walt Xin hot industrial machinery will be with you forever.
    Our corporate philosophy:
    Where the customer is the center of our work, we must keep in mind our customers at work, would like customers are thinking, to provide better products and services than others.
    Our business purpose:
    Good products and good service, good brand.
    Our quality policy:
    The long-term strategy, customer first, quality, product is and show on the outside.
    Our values:
    Careful management, duty management, integrity management, innovation management.
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